Counselling & Allotment

1 CPMT2014- Reallotment counseling for MBBS/ BDS seats OBC Freedom fighter above state Rank 10000 View
2 CPMT 2014-Allotment List of MBBS/BDS after 3rd Counseling View
3 DM/MCh-2014:2nd Counseling on 23Sept2014 View
4 cpmt2014-Left Over Seat Chart after 11Sept2014 View
5 CPMT2014:3rd Counseling- Tentative seat chart View
6 CPMT2014:3rd Counseling-Tentative MBBS/BDS available vaccancies View
7 CPMT2014-3rd Counseling Schedule View
8 CPMT2014- Allotment List of 2nd Counseling View
9 CPMT 2014- Tentative Seat Chart (Category wise) View
10 CPMT2014- Details of Eligible Candidates invited for 2nd Counseling.Pl. check your eligibility for 2nd Counseling as per Overall State Rank. Trouble Shooting - Candidates who hv to pay 500/ should fill 0 against SECURITY (REFUNDABLE)*. View
11 CPMT 2014- Tentative Seats Available for 2nd Counseling View
12 CPMT 2014: 2nd Counseling Schedule & Guidelines to deposit counseling fee (Online/Offline)at State Bank Of India. Fee deposition through State Bank Collect will begin from 10Aug2014. Medical Board for PH candidate on 11Aug. View
13 CPMT2014:1st Counslling- Allotment List View
14 CPMT 2014,1st Counselling-CUT OFF MERIT View
15 Fee structure of MBBS/BDS courses in state Medical Colleges View
16 Fee structure of BAMS/BHMS/BUMS courses in state Medical Colleges View
17 CPMT 2014- Troubleshooting Pl dont use any additional signs like commma,Fullstop, & etc while submitting any data. Pl check ur eligibility as per marks obtained-50per-Gen, 45per Gen PH,40 per for OBC,SC,ST for MBBS & BDS. Couns fee is nonrefundable. View
18 CPMT2014- Tentative Seat chart (Not Yet Final) NOTE- It is advisable that please deposit the Counselling Fees/Security well before, at least one day before,the date of Registration. View
19 CPMT-2014- Notice for candidates admitted through All India PMT-2014 View
20 CPMT 2014- Counseling Schedule & Guidelines to deposit counseling fee (Online/Offline)at State Bank Of India. Fee deposition through State Bank Collect will begin from 31July2014. View
21 CPMT2014- Medical Board for PH candidates on 1Aug2014 View
22 CPMT2014- Important dates for Medical Board for PH & Counselling View
23 BAMS Batch12-13:Reallocation List View
24 DM/MCh counselling on 24July,DD worth 15000 in favor of DGME to be submitted View
25 DM/MCh Counselling 2014 to be held on 24July2014 at DGME office, Jawahar Bhawan Lucknow View
26 UPPGME2014-Allotment List of MOP Up Round View
27 UPPGME-2014-Allotment List of 3rd Round of Counselling View
28 BAMS COURSE- counseling for Reallocation of students of 2 State Ayurveic Colleges (Muzaffarnagar & Allahabad Batch 2012-13) to Recognized/Permitted State Ayurvedic Colleges is to be Held on 18July2014 at KGMU,Lucknow. View
29 UPPGME2014- Execution of Bond worth 5Lacs if admission not taken after allotment in 3rd Counseling & MOP -UP round to be conducted on 10July 3.00Pm. View
30 UPPGME2014-Tentative Seat Chart for 3rd Counselling View
31 UPPGME 2014: Third Counseling inclusive of PMHS Quota 2nd Counselling to be held on 7-9July2014 View
32 UPPGME 2014 Allotment list of PMHS Quota Candidates View
33 UPPGME 2014: Third Counseling inclusive of PMHS Quota 2nd Counselling to be held on 23-25 June2014 is POSTPONED till further orders. View
34 UPPGME 2014: Third Counseling to be held on 23-25 June2014. PMHS Quota 2nd Counselling will be held on 23June2014 View
35 UPPGME2014- Counseling for PMHS Quota to be held on 19 June 2014, Thursday,at KGMU Lucknow. View
36 UPPGME2014- Counseling for PMHS Quota to be held on 16 June 2014 Monday is POSTPONED because of unavoidable circumstances. It will be held on 19th June 2014, Thursday,at KGMU Lucknow. View
37 Reallocation List of BAMS students in Compliance to Court Order View
38 UPPGME 2014 -Allotment List of 2nd Counselling View
39 BAMS COURSE-In compliance to the Court Order dt 08May2014 counseling for Reallocation of students of 5 State Ayurveic Colleges (Batch 2011-12) to Recognized/Permitted State Ayurvedic Colleges is to be Held on 15May2014 at KGMU,Lucknow. View
40 UPPGME2014 Tentative Seat Chart for MD/MS/Dip 2nd Counselling as on 5may2014; MDS remains the same as on 22Apr2014 View
41 UPPGME2014 Tentative seat chart for 2nd Counselling View
42 Central Pool,Govt.Of India, admission in MBBS for the wards of victims of Terrorist activities View
43 UPPGME-2014 Schedule for 2nd Counseling-06May2014 View
44 UPPGME2014- Allotment List of 1st Counselling View
45 UPPGME 2014- 1st Counselling Schedule:2-5Apr2014 View
46 UPPGME 2014- First Counselling to be preponed in compliance to orders of Honr. Supreme Court.Tentative dates 2-4 Apr 2014. View
47 UPPGME2014- Medical board for Physically Handicapped Candidates on 28Mar2014. View
48 Allotment List of candidates after counselling on 25Oct13 View
49 No. of seats for 25 Oct-BHMS:43(Govt)+8(Pvt),BUMS:45,BAMS:25(Pvt)as reported till 23Oct2013 View
50 CPMT2013- Counselling for BHMS/BUMS/Pvt BAMS Colleges on 24& 25Oct13 at Lucknow Centre Only. View
51 CPMT 2013-Allotment lists after 1st 2nd 3rd Counselling View
52 UPPGME 2013 Final allotment list View
53 CPMT2013- BUMS seats included in 2nd Counselling. View
54 DM/ MCH 2013 II Counselling on 20 Sept at Telemedicine Centre SGPGI View
55 CPMT - 2013 IInd Counselling Schedule View
56 UPPGME2013- Venue for 3rd Round of Allotment is KGMU instead of DGME Office. Allotment Process shall begin from 2PM on 30Aug2013. View
57 UPPGME2013-3rd Round of Allotment for Left-over seats on 30 Aug 2013 View
58 UPPGME2013 2nd Counselling -Allotment List View
59 CPMT2013-Medical Board for Physically Handicapped Candidates on 3 Sept 2013 for 2nd Counselling View
60 UPPGME 2013- Proforma of Undertaking to be submitted by the candidate & Parent at the time of admission View
61 UPPGME2013-II Counselling Schedule View
62 Allotment list of 1st counseling CPMT-2013 View
63 first online counselling UPPGME2011 to be held on 11-13apr2011 View
64 UPPGME 2011-seat chart for first counselling View
65 FIRST COUNSELLING UPPGME 2011-notice for manual counselling instead of Online counselling on 11-13 April View
66 allotment list for first UPPGME counselling Apr2011 View
67 Schedule for Second UPPGME Counselling 2011 27 28 29May2011 View
68 tentative seats for second counselling UPPGME 2011 View
69 UPPGME 2011- Second Extended Counselling on 28 June 2011 View
70 Tentative seat chart for 2nd extended counselling for UPPGME2011 View
71 Counseling Schedule for 1st Counseling- CPMT 2011 Pl download Hindi Font from Download Link of website, in case of difficulty View
72 Merit List CPMT2011 View
73 DM/MCh Merit List 2011 Counselling on 19 July 2011 on 10am at DGME office Jawahar Bhawan LKO View
74 Tentative Seat chart for CPMT2011 first counselling View
75 Schedule of First Counseling for DM/MCh 2011 View
76 allotment list till 3000 rank 16july2011 View
77 seat chart of private colleges for CPMT 2011 first counselling View
78 Allotment list of CPMT2011 1st Counselling-MBBS View
79 Allotment list of CPMT2011 1st Counselling -BDS View
80 Allotment list of CPMT2011 1st Counselling-BAMS View
81 Allotment list of CPMT2011 1st counselling - BHMS View
82 Allotment list of CPMT2011 1st counselling -BUMS View
83 Medical Board on 23aug2011 for 2nd Counselling CPMT2011 View
84 Overall Final allotment list for UPPGME2011 after extended 2nd counselling View
85 CPMT 2011- Schedule for 2nd Counselling from 5Sept to 13Sept2011 View
86 Tentative seatchart for CPMT2011 Second Counselling View
87 CPMT2011 Eligible candidates above overall rank 11000 onwards may come on 13 sept2011 for the Left Over Seats of BAMS, BHMS & BUMS for registration & counselling. View
88 Left over seats after CPMT 2nd counselling on 10sept2011 View
89 13 sept 2011- CPMT2011 counselling to be held for 15 LeftOver BHMS seats & pvt dental & homeopathic colleges No MBBS BDS BAMS BUMS seats left in Govt Sector
90 Allotment list for CPMT2011 2nd Counselling View
91 2nd extended counselling for CPMT 2011 on 30Sept2011 View
92 2nd counselling for DM/ Mch 2011 on 29 Sept2011 View
93 CPMT2011- Allotment list of 2nd extended counselling and overall summary of allotments in CPMT2011 View
94 counselling schedule for BAMS/BHMS/BUMS courses on 17Nov11CPMT11 View
95 tentative seat chart for counselling on 17 Nov 2011 View
96 Allotment list of 2nd Special Counselling of CPMT2011 for BAMS/BHMS/ BUMS View
97 Medical Board for UPPGME 2012 on 3Apr2012 View
98 UPPGME 2012 RESULT-merit list View
99 UPPGME 1st counselling postponed to 15 16 17 May 2012 View
100 UPPGME 1st counselling on15 16 17 May at CSMMU Lko View
101 Allotment list & seat chart of UPPGME2012 1st counselling held on 15-17 May 2012 View
102 CPMT security fee refund of past years last date 30june2012 View
103 UPPGME 2nd Counselling Medical Board on 15 June 2012 at CSMMU Lko for left overs for MD/MS/Dip/MDS courses View
104 UPPGME 2nd counselling on 27-29 June2012 at Lko View
105 CPMT 2012- Medical board on 27June2012 View
106 Counseling schedule for CPMT2012 View
107 allotment list of UPPGME MD/MS/Dip & MDS (corrected) 2012 2nd Counseling View
108 merit list CPMT 2012 View
109 CPMT 2012 counselling-Left Over Seat status after 21july2012 View
110 CPMT Counselling Left over seats after 22July 2012 View
111 DM MCH entrance exam 2012 Merit List View
112 DM/MCh counselling on 30July2012 View
113 CPMT2012- allotment list of 1st Counseling View
114 Medical Board for CPMT2012 2nd Counselling View
115 CPMT 2nd Counselling Schedule View
116 CPMT12 2nd counselling till Rank 30000 for BAMS,BHMS & all eligible for BUMS on 26Sept2012 View
117 CPMT2012 Eligibility of candidates who did not resign with in 90 days after admission in any Course View
118 Tentative seat chart for 2nd counseling CPMT 12 on 19/09/2012 View
119 DM/MCh 2012 - 2nd Counselling on 25sept2012 View
120 Left Over Seat chart after the counselling on 23 sept2012 View
121 DM/MCh 2012 Counselling for Surgical Gastroenterology Command Hospital on 28 Sept2012 View
122 Allotment list of CPMT 2012 after 2nd counselling View
123 CPMT12 Special counseling for BAMS/BHMS/BUMS at SGPGI Lucknow centre only.All eligibles may come. View
124 Tentative seat chart for CPMT12 Special Counselling View
125 CPMT 12 & UPPGME 12- Last date for Security fee refund extended till 31 December 2012
126 UPPGME 2013 -Medical board for Physically Handicapped candidates on 5june2013. View
127 UPPGME2013-Time Schedule for Ist Counselling View
128 Important Notice regarding counselling of UPPGMEE-2013 View
129 Allotment List of UPPGME 2013 1st Counselling View
130 CPMT2013 Medical board for Physically Handicapped candidates on 10July2013 View
131 CPMT2013- Repeat Medical board for only those Physically Handicapped candidates who failed to appear on 10 July 2013. View
132 "Revised counselling schedule CPMT2013. Counselling will not be done for BHMS,BAMS &BUMS courses in state medical colleges.
133 DM/MCh 2013 Counselling schedule, to be held on 25July2013 View
134 UPPGME2013- II counselling schedule ;to be held on 29,30,31 July2013 View
135 CPMT2013 Seat Chart for 1st Counselling View
136 CPMT/ UPPGME/ DM-MCh 2013- Even if a candidate does not appear in First counselling yet he is ELIGIBLE for 2nd counselling as per his merit- . Participation in 1st counselling is not compulsory.
137 Left over seat chart after counselling on 19July2013. Counselling done till Overall State Rank- 900. View
138 UPPGME2013 -In view of the WP(civil)433 of 2013,2nd counseling as scheduled on 29July 2013 is being postponed for today.It may be carried on 30& 31 July or may be further postponed depending upon the decision of Counseling board after the final verdict.
139 DM/ MCh 1st extended counseling for CVTS & Paediatric Surgery on 12Aug13 View
140 CPMT 2013 first counselling of BDS - Career Institute of Dental Sciences Lucknow View
141 CPMT 2013 first counselling of BDS - Institute of Dental Studies & Technology View
142 CPMT 2013 first counselling of BDS - Maharana Pratap Dental College Kanpur View
143 CPMT 2013 first counselling of MBBS - LLRM Medical College Merrut View
144 CPMT 2013 first counselling of MBBS - MLB Medical College Jhansi View
145 CPMT 2013 first counselling of MBBS - MLN Medical College Allahabad View
146 CPMT 2013 first counselling of MBBS - SN Medical College Agra View
147 CPMT 2013 first counselling of MBBS - UPRIMS & R Saifai View